Dear fashion & art connoisseurs,

The future of fashion accessories formed hundreds of years ago.

Don't believe us? Big fashion houses have sedated us with bulky, tired-looking wallets made at the expense of animals. Most luxury brands haven’t tried to change their wallet designs in decades because their board rooms won’t let them.


For both men and women, there is no more essential of an accessory than your wallet. You carry it with you every day.

And nearly ALL luxury wallets are made from animals.

Maybe you’ve never thought of it, but your wallet’s design hasn’t changed since the 1950’s. Most designers don’t care and keep clients pacified with logo-smothered carbon-copies of the same design your grandparents carried with them decades ago.

Their materials certainly haven’t changed much, since the only distinguishing factor mentioned is who can provide the softer, rarer animal hide. We adore Italy (our Founder is part Italian), but “softer leathers” from certain parts of the world? Do you truly still consider that pinnacle?

Even if you’re okay with their obsolete material selections, how can you be truly certain an heirloom-worthy wallet is authentic? Nearly all luxury wallets on the market lack any form of traceable authenticity.

The truth is fashion houses use your most essential accessory as an entry product line, and have in simple terms not invested their R&D dollars into any changes because they have no incentive to do so (and their executive boards won’t allow them to). Nobody challenges the status quo, so the pacification continues on.


That is until Bejeti was born….

Bejeti is on a journey to change all of the boring associated with wallets, breathe life into the accessory, and show the world what is possible through the intersection of art and engineering. We have taken billion-year-old materials from outer space, hand forging processes from ancient times, new-aged machining techniques that push the limits of perfection, and combined them to make the world’s most extraordinary wallets.

Was it easy? NO.

Did it require our Founder with a Chemical Engineering degree to bring all of the artistry, components, engineering, and elegance together? YES.


What is the result? The future of your most essential accessory: the Bejeti minimalist wallet.



We knew better, more exotic materials could be used for a wallet. So we engineered one that would beautifully showcase these striking substrates.

At Bejeti, our vision is to give our clients the pleasure to experience the Universe’s most extraordinary materials every day. We just happen to achieve that with our bespoke wallets.

The results: the World’s rarest, most exclusive, heirloom-worthy wallets ever created.

We took Damascus steel forging methods from 300 AD and combined them with modern-day precision machining techniques. The result is a wallet that makes clients feel like the Kings and Queens that once ruled their kingdoms with powerful swords made from this extraordinary material.

But we didn’t stop there.

We then looked up to the sky and officially became the first and only brand on planet Earth to make a wallet out of Meteorite.

Wallets made from Meteorite? YES.

From the heavens, we then turned our attention to Earth’s waterways, using ocean-recovered plastics in our Ecological line. Why? Because we believe in doing the right thing.

And we are just getting started.

The Bejeti minimalist wallet is all about the experience our client has with these materials, all while being a highly functional and practical daily accessory.

Why did we decide to embark on this journey?

Because we believe these beautiful materials should be experienced in your hand every day. We believe our clients deserve the opportunity to experience in discreet indulgences. We believe being able to authenticate an heirloom-worthy wallet is achievable. We believe there was a better way to craft a wallet. We believe wallets shouldn’t be produced for the masses. And we believe a Bejeti minimalist wallet achieves all of this for YOU.


But it’s not just us who see the vision. In just three short years since embarking on this journey we have caught the attention of the industry:

 Bejeti articles

“Bejeti (USA) demonstrates creativity beyond words when launching a wallet named Planetesimal, arriving from heaven.  The world's first meteorite wallet. The rarest wallet on Earth” - Robb Report

“Literally an “out of this world” wallet....”  - CNN

The undeniably cool and impossible-to-replicate craftsmanship inherent in each Bejeti wallet makes each item an offering that goes above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a leather wallet, and that’s an understatement.” – MAXIM

“Along with providing an ultra-luxury collection of otherworldly wallets, Bejeti operates under the mantra of originality, sustainability, ingenuity, and integrity.” - duPont Registry

“When it comes to choosing a gift for a billionaire, it’s essential to think outside the box. That’s exactly what Bejeti has done with its exclusive collection of ultra-luxe wallets.” elite traveler


Ready to be the first of your friends to own a Bejeti?  



To celebrate the conclusion of the epic Perseid meteor shower, we're including a FREE 20–30-gram fragment of authentic Meteorite to clients purchasing wallets in the month of September as a thank you for joining us on our journey towards creating extraordinary wallets.


There are only 49 Meteorite fragment pieces, so explore the collection now.


Bejeti wallet prices range from $850 to $29,500, reflecting the artistry, engineering, material rarity, and limited quantities.


We are so confident you'll love your new heirloom wallet we are offering you our Anvil Guarantee - a 35 day no-questions-asked return policy.

Additionally, we warrant our wallets against defects in materials and manufacturing for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

The Bejeti Anvil Guarantee ensures you love your purchase. If not, return it within 35 days, no questions asked. And the Meteorite fragment? It's yours to keep.


Now it’s your opportunity to embrace the future of fashion and acquire a wallet only the select few carry.



P.S. Bejeti wallets are meticulous artisanal creations in exceedingly limited quantities, occasionally numbering fewer than five pieces. With our Anvil Guarantee you have nothing to lose, and at minimum a fragment of Meteorite to gain (until our collection runs out). Are you a lover of art & fashion? 




Made in the USA