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Were you aware both men and women have carried wallets or purses with essential everyday currency for centuries?  Purses are depicted as far back as Egyptian times in hieroglyphs; showing a pouch carried around the waist.

In the Middle Ages, purses were commonly worn by women who used a round piece of leather with a drawstring closure at the top to seal it tight. The drawstring was then worn around their waist like a belt. These purses were small and were used to carry items such as coins to pay for food and other goods and services important in their everyday life.

In Renaissance times women’s fashions were so voluminous that they couldn’t wear purses over their huge gowns, so they wore them inside their dresses instead. The wallet or purse has, of course, changed with the fashions throughout the centuries, and their design has been constantly reinvented. In the 18th century women wore reticules, which were slender purses held with a wrist strap.

While handbags or purses have become larger or smaller, more detailed, simpler or studded with precious gemstones according to designer fashions of the times, the wallet has remained an essential, however, essentially unchanged accessory for women for the past hundred years or so.  We may be moving towards a cashless society, although the wallet is the one possession that is entrusted with our most valuable items such as bank notes, driver’s license, professional ID, business cards, receipts, photographs, club membership cards and credit cards. It represents our identity and our safety. It is an edited bundle of everything that is important to us - and to most women it is probably the one non-negotiable accessory in our lives.

Whilst it has often been said that a woman carries her life in her handbag, we maintain that this is not true. She carries her life in her wallet. In fact, many women only carry a wallet, choosing to forgo carrying a handbag altogether.  It is hardly surprising then, that the wallet has gradually become a fashion focal point – as well as a practical everyday essential.

Until now, practicality meant boring. The choices in women’s luxury wallets seem more interchangeable than ever before. You will see luxury wallet brands made from different types of leather, alligator, lizard or other exotic animal skins, canvas, plain or quilted, with different metal clasps, closures or horse bits; while the basic design has remained unchallenged. For many, it is the logo on the front that is the most important part of the wallet. The wallet itself is incidental.

Bejeti has changed all that.

We’ve challenged the whole concept of the luxury wallet, and we’ve recrafted its shape and design for this generation of stylish, confident women, along the way turning it into a stunning work of art.

A beautifully designed wallet makes a statement about its owner. It speaks to your personality, your design preference, your socio-economic status and your individuality.  A Bejeti woman’s luxury wallet separates you from the crowd. It is so much more than a practical everyday essential. It is an objet d’art - a piece of wearable fashion that turns boring into breathtaking.  Every woman needs a wallet. Bejeti has turned this practical need into a futuristic style statement.

Once you see the Bejeti collection of luxury wallets you will understand what we mean.

Our wallets are crafted with meticulous precision from rare earth and celestial materials. Each wallet is bespoke and unique in coloration, so no-one will have a Bejeti wallet exactly like yours.  The extraordinary shape of our wallets, with its space age triangular notch, is practical yet futuristic and light years away from the sea of luxury wallet look-alikes.  We assert you’ve never seen anything like them.

First, their practicality. Each Bejeti wallet has highly engineered silicone bands which adapt to fit one or fifteen cards securely in place. You can easily switch to money clip mode if desired, and your personal cards can be inserted through the opening opposite the triangle notch. Looking for a specific card? Credit and personal cards are easily accessed by pushing them halfway out, then squeezing the bottom edge of the wallet to fan them out.

Choose from our different collections:

The Celestial Collection features our unmistakable Planetesimal wallet. It is made from meteorite, thought to be at least 4 to 5 billion years old. Imagine being one of the very few people who will ever get to hold real meteorite in their hands. It represents the culmination of years of science, engineering and creative design – and is the first meteorite wallet of its kind ever produced.

The Elemental Collection consists of Damascus forged steel and titanium reimagined in glorious one-of-a-kind colors, shapes and designs.

Our Ecological Collection gathers unwanted waste plastics from the sea and reimagines it into a thing of beauty. The Endurvinna wallet comes in deep, sea blues with flecks of turquoise and polystyrene, as a visual reminder of the need to protect our planet’s dwindling resources.  

If you are concerned about security, we have thought carefully about that too. To ensure that no counterfeit wallets appear on the market, we engrave a multi-layered counterfeit verification system in each of our wallets, so yours will always be the only authentic Bejeti with the same color and pattern. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the thousands of ‘Big House’ counterfeits currently plaguing the markets.

Bejeti women’s wallets speak volumes. The Bejeti woman is powerful, strong, successful and forward-looking. She is her own master and controls her own destiny.

She is a leader and a style-setter and is untroubled by brand consciousness or what others are wearing. You will find her in the boardroom, in the operating room, in the aircraft captain’s seat, in the courtroom, on the sports field or running her own business.

If you, like her, have the confidence to stand out and be different - join Bejeti

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