At Bejeti our passion is to design wallets that empower and inspire leaders.

Bejeti is a fashion brand that redefines the concept of wallets, transforming them into bespoke, minimalist accessories crafted with materials typically reserved for art galleries.

A loyal accessory worthy of true influencers.



In the exclusive arena of designer accessories, Bejeti emerges as a singular force, reimagining the wallet as an emblem of leadership and discerning taste. Each Bejeti wallet transcends simple utility, becoming a narrative of your personal voyage, meticulously designed for individuals who cherish uniqueness and a distinct sense of self.

Bejeti refuses to blend into the background. Our wallets, crafted from unique materials like celestial meteorites and ancient metals, offer sensory experiences and a connection to history, enhancing your presence with a statement of strength and sophistication.


Selecting Bejeti means choosing innovation, beauty, and strength. It's a commitment to artistry and craftsmanship, making each wallet a lifelong companion that mirrors your personal story and evolves alongside you.

Bejeti caters to those who inspire and lead, seeking beyond the ordinary. Our collection is an invitation to a lifestyle marked by innovation and elegance, where each design detail enriches your legacy.

Dive into Bejeti and redefine elegance with a wallet that embodies your values and aspirations. Join us at the nexus of art, engineering, and visionary leadership.


Eduardo Sande


Eduardo D. Sande has emerged not merely as an innovator but as a revolutionary force, redefining the essence of the wallet with Bejeti—a symphony of precision engineering and modern sophistication. With roots deeply embedded in the rich soil of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), his narrative is the epitome of the American Dream, blossoming from the humble beginnings of a first-generation American with Uruguayan heritage.

From an early age, Eduardo was imbued with an ethos of resilience and determination, hallmarks of his immigrant parents who sought a better life with little more than hope in their pockets. This foundation of hard work and perseverance became the bedrock of his journey.

As a young man, he ventured into the world of industrial manufacturing, an experience that would lay the groundwork for his illustrious career. It wasn't long before he etched his name in the archives of his family history as the first to graduate college, armed with a degree in Chemical Engineering—a testament to his trailblazing spirit. This academic pursuit was but the beginning of a lifelong quest to merge the worlds of fine design and metallurgical innovation.

Eduardo's insatiable curiosity and keen observational skills led him to question the status quo, particularly one day when a traditional wallet caught his discerning eye. Why, he pondered, had the design of such a vital everyday accessory remained stagnant, tethered to outdated materials and aesthetics? This moment of reflection was the spark that ignited Bejeti, his answer to the call for a modern reimagining of the wallet, blending functionality with unparalleled elegance.

These extraordinary collections are his journey.



Made in the USA