At Bejeti our passion is to design wallets that empower and inspire leaders.

Bejeti is a fashion brand that redefines the concept of wallets, transforming them into bespoke, minimalist accessories crafted with materials typically reserved for art galleries.

A loyal accessory worthy of true influencers.


Our founder's experience as a chemical engineer was in the manufacturing of specialty metals and materials. With this background, he learned of the special substrates available, but was surprised to discover for over 80 years designer wallets on the market were still being made from the same old animal skins; cow, calf, and alligator.

The required leap was to take modern day material machining capabilities and apply them to a design that was functional to use and easy to carry; all while showcasing the beauty of the materials.

This was the birth of the Bejeti wallet. A slim, minimalist wallet that is gender-fluid, elegant in design, and easy to carry between pocket, purse, bag, or clutch; with no two being exactly alike.


We launched with very distinct lines, falling under 3 categories: Celestial, Elemental, and Ecological.

Our Celestial category focuses on materials from the heavens, crafting the world’s first and only Meteorite wallet.

Our Elemental category focuses on the artistry of materials humankind has developed over the centuries. Hand forged metals are brought together at the hands of metalsmiths, then cut, processed, hand polished and assembled to provide museum-grade art that is experienced every day in your hands.

And finally, with our Ecological line, we are taking discarded pieces of plastic that once choked Earth’s waterways and transforming it into a chic material that looks extraordinary and proves that fashion and the environment can work in spectacular harmony.


Eduardo Sande


Bejeti is the fusion of fastidious engineering and modern-day eminence. The passion for manufacturing coupled with an appreciation for fine accessories, and the desire to reignite the appreciation for fine American craftsmanship through innovation.

Founder Eduardo D. Sande, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a first generation American, the son of Uruguayan immigrants who had come to the United States with little money to their names, and he was soon to learn the value of hard work by their example.

At the age of 18, Eduardo began his first internship in industrial manufacturing, and within four years became the first member of his family to graduate from a university; obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering before spending the next 20+ years developing an appetite for fine design and constructs.

Intently curious as to the composition of the various articles and inventions he encountered in his daily existence as a matter of course, one day he found himself analyzing a traditional wallet and wondering why old designs and textiles still formed the basis of such an essential accessory in the 21st century and the rest is… Bejeti.



Made in the USA