The wallet reflective of success within.

At Bejeti our passion is to design wallets that empower and inspire leaders.

We are transforming the wallet into a bespoke, minimalist accessory, utilizing materials typically reserved for fine art galleries; an enduring emblem of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

A Bejeti evokes a balance of
strength and elegance; a loyal accessory worthy of
true influencers.


Crafted from the innovative CopperMai fusion of copper and steel, this wallet emerges as an exquisite heirloom that marries the essence of mythic artisanship with the pinnacle of contemporary elegance, all while paying homage to the legendary divine smith, Kothar.


Crafted from Damascus Steel, this wallet stands as a paragon of elegance and sophistication. Its unique earth-inspired patterning and hand-forged resilience embodying a rare blend of strength and artistry. Each one a distinct testament to timeless prestige and sensory allure.


An otherworldly masterpiece made from one of the most exotic substances on the planet: METEORITE. Traveling through unspeakable fires and light years of space, only to be forged into a timeless work of art.


Literally forged from the stars, number22 takes its name from the atomic number of its primary element: titanium, a material produced when white dwarf stars go supernova. Meticulously crafted with Titanium Damascus, number22 belongs to those who celebrate the intersection of art and engineering.


Artful and captivating, THE ARTIFICER model is hand-forged from Mosaic Damascus steel by renowned Master Blacksmith Robert Eggerling. A rare and intricate creation, perfect for those who embrace the complex beauty of art + science.


The legendary Damascus steel of leaders and heroes coupled with modern artistry yields this exquisitely layered wallet. A bespoke showpiece designed for those destined for greatness.


Not only a bespoke beauty in its own right, the CASPIAN recycles plastics that would otherwise choke the planet’s waterways, one of the most dire issues of our times. With hints of clear and white, this lustrous work of art is a chic and modern statement of its owner’s commitment preserving the earth.

The Bejeti minimalist wallet is all about the experience you have with these materials, all while being a highly functional and practical daily accessory.

Why did we decide to embark on this journey?

Because we believe these beautiful materials should be experienced in your hand every day. We believe our clients deserve the opportunity to experience in discreet indulgences. We believe being able to authenticate an heirloom-worthy wallet is a requirement. We believe there is a better way to craft a wallet. We believe wallets should NOT be produced for the masses. And we believe a Bejeti minimalist wallet achieves all of this for YOU.

But it’s not just us who see the vision.

In three short years since embarking on this journey we have made impressions:





“Bejeti (USA) demonstrates creativity beyond words when launching a wallet named Planetesimal, arriving from heaven.  The world's first
meteorite wallet. The rarest wallet on Earth” -
Robb Report
“Literally an “out of this world” wallet....”  - CNN
“When it comes to choosing a gift for a billionaire, it’s essential to think outside the box. That’s exactly what Bejeti has done with its exclusive collection of ultra-luxe wallets.” – elite traveler
“The undeniably cool and impossible-to-replicate craftsmanship inherent in each Bejeti wallet makes each item an offering that goes above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a leather wallet, and that’s an understatement.” – MAXIM
“Along with providing an ultra-luxury collection of otherworldly wallets, Bejeti operates under the mantra of originality, sustainability,
ingenuity, and integrity.”
- duPont Registry


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