An otherworldly masterpiece made from one of the most exotic substances on the planet: METEORITE. Traveling through unspeakable fires and light years of space, only to be forged into a timeless work of art.


Literally forged from the stars, number22 takes its name from the atomic number of its primary element: titanium, a material produced when white dwarf stars go supernova. Meticulously crafted with Titanium Damascus, number22 belongs to those who celebrate the intersection of art and engineering.


Artful and captivating, THE ARTIFICER model is hand-forged from Mosaic Damascus steel by renowned Master Blacksmith Robert Eggerling. A rare and intricate creation, perfect for those who embrace the complex beauty of wealth.


The legendary Damascus steel of kings and heroes coupled with modern artistry yields this exquisitely layered wallet. A one-of-a-kind showpiece designed for those destined for greatness.


A refined Damascus steel pattern reflecting the Earth’s landscape before it was inhabitable, where volcanos engulfed the landscape in grandiose fury. Ores channeled up through the Earth’s crust, now able to be held in hand in mesmerizing fashion.


Not only a bespoke beauty in its own right, the CASPIAN recycles plastics that would otherwise choke the planet’s waterways, one of the most dire issues of our times. With hints of clear and white, this lustrous work of art is a chic and modern statement of its owner’s commitment preserving the earth.


Tangible proof that engineering and oceanic beauty can coexist, the ENDURVINNA helps solve the pollution of our oceans by recycling plastic debris. The result is a masterwork with a conscience, flecked with cobalt marine hues and flashes of turquoise.





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