Undeniably cool & impossible-to-replicate



This ultra-expensive wallet is truly out of this world.

Pittsburgh-based Bejeti has debuted a super-luxe wallet that’s a far cry from the cheap, overstuffed “Costanza Wallet” of yore.

The $29,500 Bejeti Planetesimal Wallet is made with meteorite — yes, meteorite — transforming thousands of years of natural planetary evolution into one insanely impressive addition to anyone’s everyday carry.

The Planetesimal Wallet is the most eye-catching offering of a half-dozen new wallets from the luxury accessories brand, which blends the astute eye of fine art with intense craftsmanship unlike anything on the market.

It’s also fitting that Bejeti calls Pittsburgh its home, because The Steel City just makes perfect sense to forge wallets in a way no other brand would ever dare try.

Is it practical to own a wallet with meteorite in it? If you’re in the market to buy one, we’d say that’s hardly an issue. In fact, there are just eight of the Planetesimal Wallet available, and we’re more than willing to bet you’ll be jockeying with some guys named Musk and Bezos for one of the other six editions.

Founded by chemical engineer and industrial designer Eduardo Sande, the impressive array of wallets (including the much more affordable, recycled ocean plastic Endurvinna Wallet to the tune of $850), the brand debuted with an invitation-only pre-sale last fall before opening its virtual doors to a wider audience.

The rest of the company’s astonishingly cool offering comprises wallets made from legendary Damascus Steel (the Hephaestus Wallet) and Robert Eggerling Mosaic Damascus Steel, which blends carbon steels and nickel (the sleek and eye-catching Artificer Wallet).

In fact, no two wallets are alike, and the company even offers an authentication process to ensure you’re not getting a counterfeit item (to those attempting to counterfeit these wallets, we say good luck).

“We know there are people who relish rarity, ingenuity, luxury and sustainability and our wallets bring all of these together to truly commemorate personal achievement through design and stature,” Sande said.

The undeniably cool and impossible-to-replicate craftsmanship inherent in each Bejeti wallet makes each item an offering that goes above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a leather wallet, and that’s an understatement.

In fact, they’re more like a wallet Han Solo might use than something a mere Earth-bound human should buy. That doesn’t mean we won’t applaud you for trying.


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