Counterfeit Prevention

Multi-layered counterfeit verification system  

The selling of counterfeit products eliminates jobs held by legitimate businesses, jeopardizes fair wages and workplace safety, and negatively impacts economic growth. Counterfeit products pose a serious health and safety risk since they are produced without regard to laws or regulations meant to protect consumers. Moreover, profits from counterfeit sales are often used to fund large criminal organizations, including drug cartels and terrorist groups.

Bejeti is committed to the protection of our brand and clients against counterfeits. Of course, the only way to ensure you are getting an authentic Bejeti piece is to purchase direct from our webstore.

With Bejeti’s multi-layered counterfeit verification system, our clients are reassured their meticulously crafted piece is authentic and remains individualized.

How it works:

  1. Each piece is uniquely sequenced during fabrication
    Products with multiple components receive matching Sequence ID
    (custom sequencing is offered for customized product lines)
  2. These product identifiers are then captured into the secure Bejeti tabulated database

With over 95 Quadrillion combinations, no two will ever duplicate.

To authenticate a Bejeti piece; simply scroll down to the form below and enter the credentials of your piece with your email address.

It’s that easy to authenticate.

To further curtail counterfeits, authentication verification of the unique combinations is limited to once per 30 days through the website. If multiple verification attempts are made within this timeframe, we will advise you of this.

At Bejeti we are committed to earning and maintaining your trust. Preventing counterfeiting is one of the many ways we are devoted to doing so. 


Validates the Sequence ID stored for a given unit sold



Made in the USA