Wallet Guide

Explore how to maximize the convenience of your Bejeti piece.

Using a Bejeti Wallet

Inserting the Money Clip

One of the best features of a Bejeti wallet is the ability to attach or remove the money clip. Here's a quick glimpse of the best way to modify the wallet and include the money clip attachment.

Inserting and accessing cards a Bejeti wallet

If you're wondering how to get cards in and out of a Bejeti wallet, here's a hands-on video showing how to do just that.

Removing the filler plate

Remove / install the wallet’s filler plate when switching to money clip mode. Ensure the finger nail notch is on top and the Bejeti name is facing towards the inside of wallet for future access.

Inserting the Money Clip

Protect your wallet’s surface when installing / removing the money clip by inserting the supplied Bejeti card between the money clip and the wallet’s surface.

Inserting cards

Insert your personal cards through the top opening (the opposite side of the triangle notch).

Inserting / Removing Cards

To access your personal cards, push up on the cards through the triangle notch.

Positioning most used cards

Position frequently used cards in the front and back of the wallet for rapid access.

Accessing Cards in the middle

Access cards in the middle by pushing cards up half-way out, then squeeze the bottom edge of the wallet to fan-out your cards.

Silicon Bands

One of the highly engineered components of every Bejeti wallet are their silicone bands. Silicone, a synthetic elastomer, was selected for the Bejeti wallets due to its extraordinary elasticity, retention of flexibility and low compression set in extreme hot and cold conditions, and for its hypoallergenic property against the human skin.

The Bejeti silicone bands are designed to hold as few as one card in place, or as many as fifteen, should you choose so with your wallet.

Although these bands demonstrate exceptional characteristics, they are not indestructible and will require replacement if they come in contact with an abrasive surface, or their fatigue life is reached.

Please CONTACT US for more information about replacement bands.



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