Wallet Guide

Explore how to maximize the convenience of your Bejeti piece.

Using a Bejeti Wallet

Inserting the Money Clip

One of the best features of a Bejeti wallet is the ability to attach or remove the money clip. Here's a quick glimpse of the best way to modify the wallet and include the money clip attachment.

Inserting and accessing cards a Bejeti wallet

If you're wondering how to get cards in and out of a Bejeti wallet, here's a hands-on video showing how to do just that.

Removing the filler plate

Remove / install the wallet’s filler plate when switching to money clip mode. Ensure the finger nail notch is on top and the Bejeti name is facing towards the inside of wallet for future access.

Inserting the Money Clip

Protect your wallet’s surface when installing / removing the money clip by inserting the supplied Bejeti card between the money clip and the wallet’s surface.

Inserting cards

Insert your personal cards through the top opening (the opposite side of the triangle notch).

Inserting / Removing Cards

To access your personal cards, push up on the cards through the triangle notch.

Positioning most used cards

Position frequently used cards in the front and back of the wallet for rapid access.

Accessing Cards in the middle

Access cards in the middle by pushing cards up half-way out, then squeeze the bottom edge of the wallet to fan-out your cards.

Silicone Bands

Experience the seamless blend of innovation and practicality with Bejeti wallet's highly engineered component: the silicone band.

Crafted from synthetic elastomer, these bands are not just esthetically beautiful, but a testament to durability and comfort. Their extraordinary elasticity ensures your cards stay securely in place, whether you carry one or fifteen.

Additionally, the silicone's low compression set maintains flexibility in extreme temperatures, making it a reliable choice no matter the climate you are in.    

Fully made in the U.S.A.

Only Silicone:

Skin-Friendly: Hypoallergenic properties ensure comfort against your skin.

Versatile Capacity: Securely holds 1 to 15 cards with equal ease.

Durability in Extremes: Retains flexibility in both hot and cold conditions. Temperature range: -55°C to +300°C (-67°F to +572°F)

Available Shades:

Meteor Gray

Nebula Orange

While these bands are designed for longevity, they're not invincible. To ensure a prolonged life, avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and be mindful of the excessive
wear over time.

Ready to Experience the Difference? Discover how Bejeti silicone bands can transform your wallet experience.

Please contact us at support@bejeti.com for more information about replacement bands.

The allure of Damascus steel, with its intricate whirls and patterns, is truly timeless. For the discerning individual, a Damascus steel wallet is more than a mere accessory – it's a statement of sophistication. By investing a bit of care, the wallet can evolve into a legacy piece, a testament to one's refined tastes and passed down for generations.

The Living Patina:

Both Damascus Steel and its intriguing cousin, Copper Damascus, are remarkable in
their ability to continuously develop patinas. These dynamic surfaces become canvases, delicately painted by the oils and salts of one's hands. It's a
symphony of chemistry, where every individual imparts a unique signature. Over time, this interaction forges a deeply personalized heirloom look.

The Relentless Dance of Oxidation:

As is the nature of metals, the forces of oxidation are always at play. This dance, while natural, can be gracefully controlled with a few mindful practices noted here.

What to Avoid:

Water: Ensure your wallet avoids water. If it gets wet, dry it with a soft cloth. Afterwards, apply a few drops of mineral oil to protect its surface. Given its
safety and availability, mineral oil is the preferred choice for this, however, avoid the oil from coming in direct contact with clothing or other stainable

Best Practices:

Storage: Store your wallet in a dry environment, away from humidity.

Initial Care: As your wallet's patina forms, if you won't be using it for a while, give it a gentle wipe with a cloth and some mineral oil before storing.

Preliminary Care: During its nascent stages, when the patina is yet developing, if the wallet will not be used for a period of
time, delicately wipe its surface with a cloth infused with a few droplets of mineral oil before storing.  

Refreshing the Design:

If you'd like to restore your wallet's patterns over time, the Bejeti team is here to help. Just reach out to support@bejeti.com
for service options.



Made in the USA