Bejeti Ambassadors

Empower Your Influence with Bejeti

Join the Bejeti Brand Ambassador Program and carry the wallet of leaders. At Bejeti, we're not just crafting wallets; we're creating emblems of empowerment for fashion enthusiasts, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and pivotal figures across art, culture, and environmental advocacy. Our wallets set unprecedented standards in luxury, designed for those who navigate the pinnacle of success and sophistication. Become a part of a movement that accessorizes the modern leader.

Be the Voice of Bejeti

We're on the lookout for ambassadors who embody our ethos of leadership, exclusivity, and trailblazing spirit. As a Bejeti ambassador, you are:

+ A connoisseur of high-end fashion and art, making bold statements with your style.

+ A leader with a knack for storytelling, engaging audiences with authenticity and passion. 

+ A pioneering change agent, enthusiastically leading the discovery of innovate trends in luxury and sustainability.

Embrace the full Bejeti experience with privileges tailored for our ambassadors:

  • First in Line: Enjoy early access to our collections, experiencing the pinnacle of wallet craftsmanship before anyone else.
  • Inside Circle: Be integral to our brand's journey, influencing our growth and direction with your insights.
  • Elite Community: Network with a circle of leaders who are as passionate about luxury, fashion, and art as you are.


How to Apply*

Ready to redefine designer wallets? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Share Your Story: Fill out our application form below, letting us know about your passion for luxury, fashion, and how you resonate with Bejeti's vision.
  2. Showcase Your Digital Footprint: Tell us about your influence on social media and how you plan to broadcast the Bejeti narrative.

Join us in setting a new standard with Bejeti's most personal accessory.


*Bejeti's Brand Ambassador Program Director will reach out if there is a mutual fit for this program. Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the Bejeti Ambassador Program.




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