Frequently Asked Questions

Bejeti Fundamentals

The Bejeti brand name is derived from the Spanish words for wallet (billetera) and paper note (billeté), catalyzed with ‘TI’ (the elemental symbol for titanium / internal backbone plate of all Bejeti wallets)

The name Bejeti is pronounced:  ‘BEE JÉ TEE’

Bejeti wallets are designed to simplify your life. Insert the exact number of cards and bills you need, and eliminate the rest. Cards are inserted through the top and accessed by pushing them back up with the triangular thumb relief. Bills are easily carried using the interchangeable money clip. All with a flawless blend of style, class and efficiency. Check out our Wallet Guide for how to use a Bejeti.

Bejeti's are all fully made in the USA.

Bejeti currently crafts batch runs of as many as 40 wallets, and as few as 5 wallets.

Bejeti wallets are dimensionally the size of a standard credit card: 86 millimeters (3.4 inches) in length, 54 millimeters (2.1 inches) in width. They have a thickness of 6 millimeters (0.3 inches). The weights of each wallet vary depending on the material of the outer shell, which range from 60g (2.1oz) to 176g (6.2oz). See the descriptions next to each individual wallet in our store for precise specifications.

Although we value minimalism, Bejeti’s were designed to hold up to 15 cards. Our wallet is refined in function to hold a single piece of paper or any number of cards up to 15.

Bejeti money clips can hold up to seven paper notes folded into quarters (28 layers).

Every Bejeti wallet is crafted with an internal titanium backplate on either side. The natural properties of this metal allow it to interact with electric energy to efficiently interfere with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and shield the stored data within cards. Check out our RFID blog post about this very topic to learn more.

Yes! Over 150 grams of meteorite are used in this World-exclusive wallet. Both faces of this wallet are made from a singular piece of meteorite, precision cut into the iconic Bejeti wallet design. The “Widmanstätten” patterning on this surface comes not from our cuts, but rather from the very intricate process of how the meteorite cooled as it hurtled through the vacuums of space for billions of years before landing on Earth. Learn more through our blog post: Earth’s 1st Meteorite Wallet.

The vacuums of outer space! Meteorite is falling all around us all the time, but most of it is just tiny fragments of space dust. The meteorite we used is quite rare because it came from a singular piece large enough to make the faceplates of our out-of-this-world wallets. Read our post about the Earth’s 1st Meteorite Wallet to learn more.

Quite simply, Damascus steel is a remarkable metal prized for thousands of years due to its strength and beauty. Various layers and alloys of metals are forged together in extraordinary grace and harmony. Learn more about how it’s made through our blog post: Damascus Steel.

Ensure your wallet avoids excessive moisture. If it gets wet, dry it with a soft cloth. Afterwards, apply a few drops of mineral oil to protect its surface. Given its safety and availability, mineral oil is the preferred choice for this.

Best Practices:

Store your wallet in a dry place, away from humidity. Give it a gentle wipe with a cloth and some mineral oil before long-term storing.

 Additional care:

If you have any additional questions on wallet care, simply reach out to for service options.

While our product photography is as true to the coloring of our wallets as possible, all screens are set at different tones so there may be slight differences. Also, please recognize that metals do have a luster and shine that will change slightly depending on how the light reflects off of them. We think this makes our wallets even more dynamic, and experiencing them even more extraordinary.

Your Bejeti piece will come with a T-3 star driver in the event you want to change out your silicone bands. We also offer complimentary band changes if you want to return the wallet to us. But if you want to do it yourself, you can check out the videos in our Wallet Guide on how it’s done! Please reach for more details on this process.

Please reach out to for more custom option details in this regard.

Bejeti is committed to the protection of our brand and clients against counterfeits.

With Bejeti’s multi-layered counterfeit verification system, our clients are reassured their meticulously crafted piece is authentic and remains individualized. Learn more through our authentication page.

Additional Questions

Our Team is ready to help.  Please reach out to As a small boutique company, it may take us up to 24 hours to reply, but we promise we will address any questions as quickly as possible. accepts all major credit cards, Google Pay, Meta Pay, and Shop Pay.

Bejeti’s boutique e-commerce store is encrypted so the connection between your web browser and the website server is secure. It prevents others from eavesdropping or intercepting your communication between your browser and the website's server. Checkout is secured through Shopify’s secure checkout services.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, we will begin packaging your bespoke wallet and your order will typically ship within a business day after it is packaged.

Please contact us immediately at if any details need changed with your contact info. We will try our best to accommodate those modifications prior to shipment.

Yes. You will receive an email notification with tracking info as soon as your packing label has been printed.

Yes, someone at the ship-to address will need to sign for your purchase. We send all packages with signature requests. Please keep an eye on your tracking and have a point of contact available to receive the package on arrival day.

Your exquisite bespoke Bejeti wallet. Also included within the custom packaging will be a mating money clip (with matching sequencing identification to your wallet), your authentication identification sequence, an extra set of silicone bands, and a T-3 star driver.

The Bejeti silicone bands are designed for longevity, however, can over time fatigue and require replacement. Please Contact Us for more information about replacement bands.

Bejeti wallets make exquisite gifts and we would love to be part of delighting your recipient. Contact us directly at to inquire about this process.

Every wallet purchased from Bejeti is eligible for a complimentary return within 30 days of the purchase date. You can read more about it in our Refund and Return policy.



Made in the USA