RFID and Identity Security

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has increasingly become a part of our lives. From badges to bank cards, nearly all of our credentials now contain chips that use the technology.  And while this is very convenient, it also opens us up to criminals trying to skim our information. 

For the same reasons we keep our personal and financial files locked away, protecting our personal ID and bank information while we are in public should be essential to our routines.  With identity theft and credit card fraud around every corner, protecting our security is nonnegotiable. In today’s high-tech world, RFID blocking wallets are an essential tool in this protection  process.

Bejeti has created an elegant wallet that will keep your information safe and secure, allowing you to carry all of your cards and IDs embedded with RFID chips without the worry that comes with protecting them. The Titanium backbone in all of our wallets keeps your personal information safe so you can share only the information you want to share when you want to share it. 

Learn more about how RFID works @howstuffworks

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