The Steel City

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was nicknamed The Steel City because of the hundreds of steel companies that have called the city home since 1875. It was a popular option for the steel industry because of the abundance of coal and the ease of access due to the three rivers. At its peak, Pittsburgh was producing 60% of the USA's steel used to build skyscrapers, bridges, and other critical infrastructure.

Eventually, the steel industry in Pittsburgh collapsed in the 1970's and the smog cleared. Now that more than 80 million tons of steel are recycled in North America each year, Pittsburgh has transformed itself into a global leader for green living. The city replaced former factories with green space and many new buildings are LEED certified. Check out for a description of some of these incredible sustainable places like The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Bejeti headquarters is proudly located just outside of Pittsburgh. Founder and CEO of Bejeti, Eduardo Sande, was born and raised there. While he has lived in other cities throughout his life, The Steel City has always drawn him back. 

Taking a material that cast Pittsburgh in a negative light, and finding a way to use it in a sustainable way is almost serendipitous. But given the history of the region, it’s just another example of how the past is influencing the future in a positive way.

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