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Bejeti puts a unique wallet made of meteors on the market for 30K

Imagine for a moment you are paying for your beers after a Sunday afternoon on the terrace with your friends. You walk in and pull out your (literally) alien wallet. That's possible from now on! The American boutique brand Bejeti has made a wallet from iron meteorite, and they call it: the PLANETESIMAL.

Unfortunately, it will cost you a bit more than the average afternoon on the terrace. The price to carry a Bejeti PLANETESIMAL is $29,500, more than €26,000. However, you do get a sick wallet in return, and we wouldn't be surprised if Elon Musk also has one. Of course, the bizarre price did not just come out of the blue. According to Bejeti, the meteorites used for the wallets are over 4.5 billion years old!

You have to be quick to get one. Bejeti only makes eight of these incredible wallets. The company also ensures that no two wallets are the same! The Planetesimal is Bejeti's new showpiece. If $29,500 is a bit too much for you, fortunately the company also has other wallets. Check them out at their online boutique store.

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