Literally an “out of this world” wallet....

Literally an “out of this world” wallet... Take a look at the first one made of a meteorite

By: Yasmeen Awaja         

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -- Some people are keen to invest their money to own a distinctive wallet, so buying the first thing they come across in the nearest department store will not equate to the luxury of a wallet made by the best craftsmen of the finest types of materials.

The "Bejeti" brand aims to make the world's most high-quality wallets, but also uses one-of-a-kind materials.

Currently, this luxury brand, which is based in the United States, is exhibiting 3 collections of wallets, but it is no secret that the most impressive is the "Celestial" collection, which was used to make a meteorite.

Literally an out of the world wallet.

The "Bejeti" brand took a large piece of meteorite and cut it precisely, and the result was the first meteorite wallet in the world, and it was called "PLANETESIMAL".

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, Bejeti founder Eduardo Sande described the wallet as "literally made out of other worlds."

"Our vision is to give our customers the opportunity to experience the most extraordinary materials in the universe every day," Sande added.

But how did the company obtain a meteorite?

Sande acknowledged there are many untrustworthy meteorite sellers in the industry, so working with reputable dealers ensures the authenticity and quality of the piece.

Bejeti obtained its meteorite, which consists of iron and nickel, from dealers with credentials related to the International Association of Meteorite Collectors (IMCA).

After more than 4 billion years of traveling through space, this meteorite rushed to the globe to turn into a molten fireball upon penetrating the atmosphere, before it hit the surface of our planet during prehistoric times.

The design of the wallet is rocky and metallic in a way that reflects the material from which it is made.

Most iron meteorites have unique crystal structures known as Widmanstätten patterns.

"The beautiful crystal patterns of iron meteorites are more than just pretty oddities," Sande explained. "They tell us about the formations of meteorites, and how long it took for the planetary core, from which the meteorite was derived, to cool."

In general, the larger the crystals, the longer it takes for the molten metal to reduce its temperature during its journey toward Earth.

When asked about people's reactions to the wallet, Sande noted that all clients who have had the chance to carry the wallet feel the same way, "how short the time we humans have spent on Earth, and how fleeting our individual lives are compared to meteorites and age of the Universe."

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