Explore Bejeti Wallets And The Exclusive $29,500 Meteorite PLANETESIMAL Design 

While the world of luxury accessories continues to grow with advancements in design and technology, artistic visions become the main focus behind some of the most commonly used everyday products. Fashion has evolved. Why haven’t wallets? The Bejeti brand was sparked into existence by that very question. The luxury specialists at Bejeti challenge the idea of mainstream wallet design by incorporating some of the world’s most precious and rare materials. Along with providing an ultra-luxury collection of otherworldly wallets, Bejeti operates under the mantra of originality, sustainability, ingenuity, and integrity.

The Bejeti brand is led by trailblazer Eduardo Sande, a first-generation Uruguayan American with a background in Chemical Engineering and a keen, artistic eye for design. Calling ‘The Steel City’ of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, Eduardo is forging a new possibility for metal craftsmanship into the centuries-old manufacturing haven. Eduardo takes inspiration from the early years of watching his father and grandfather work with metal, which is the reason for categorizing Bejeti wallets as works of art meant to be admired and treasured well into future generations. Bejeti pushes the boundaries of engineering and metalworking with hand-forged ultra-luxe designs crafted from Damascus steel and Titanium Damascus. Bejeti also debuted two equally impressive sustainable product lines using materials that would otherwise pollute the planet and choke its waterways.

The Bejeti PLANETESIMAL wallet stands out as the masterpiece of the Celestial Collection, crafted completely from one of the most exotic substances on the planet: 4.6-Billion-year-old meteorite. The extreme rarity of meteorite continues to increase as its finite quantity has captured the imagination of a new generation of luxury producers. Along with providing a visually arresting finish, meteorite also represents balance and support, physical healing, and spiritual growth. After traveling through unspeakable fires and light-years of space, the meteorite is forged by Bejeti’s master craftsmen into a timeless work of art. Its characteristic patterning resulted from slow-cooling in the vacuums of space, just 1-degree Celsius every 1,000 years, as it traveled toward planet Earth for its destiny. The Bejeti PLANETESIMAL series is extremely rare and currently limited to only 8-wallets with a price tag of $29,500.

Bejeti incorporates a list of precious materials into a vast collection of wallets that display the true beauty of what the universe has to offer. Lavishing functional art for those who appreciate rarity, each Bejeti wallet acts as the perfect conversation piece. Along with the coveted PLANETESIMAL model, Bejeti is proud to also feature The ARTIFICER, NUMBER22, HEPHAESTUS, CASPIAN, and ENDURVINA as part of its luxury accessory line. Each wallet pays homage to both the heavens and enduring human innovation and individuality. Included in the packaging of every Bejeti wallet is a certificate of authenticity, just as any piece of original art. Learn more and shop the luxury wallet collection from Bejeti by clicking the link below for exclusive access.

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