Bejeti Packaging

Exceptional design work seamlessly blends artistry with functionality, elevating everyday items into extraordinary experiences. Craftsmen leverage age-old techniques and the finest modern methods to forge creations that dazzle with their distinct beauty. These handcrafted items defy the notion of mass production, making each piece a cherished object to both admire and use.

Each Bejeti wallet is meticulously crafted and assembled within the United States, produced in limited quantities to ensure unparalleled quality.

Bejeti bespoke packaging

This commitment to excellence extends to the packaging that accompanies every Bejeti wallet. Bejeti's custom packaging is the result of a collaboration with the Taylor Box Company, a US-based firm renowned for its craftsmanship. Together, they have crafted a packaging experience that matches the elegance and sophistication of each Bejeti item, all made within the United States.

The packaging design features a sleek, understated slipcase and book folder, both rendered in a matte black finish. The Bejeti logo and additional design motifs are tastefully embossed in gloss black, adding a touch of elegance. The slipcase, adorned with the Bejeti logo on the front and the brand name along its spine, includes distinctive triangular cut-outs that echo the wallet's signature triangular thumb slot.

Bejeti slip case packaging 

The Bejeti slipcase packaging

The brand's name is prominently displayed on the book folder, which features a triangular window that provides a sneak peek of the wallet's premium material. Opening the three-panel folder unveils the wallet in its full glory, accompanied by a note of congratulations. Tucked beneath the wallet are a money clip and a star screwdriver, both manufactured in the United States.

Bejeti revealed

Bejeti unveiled

Designed to offer clients an immersive unboxing experience, Bejeti's packaging is not just a box but a keepsake meant to be displayed and treasured on a bookshelf.




Made in the USA