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Ένα πορτοφόλι από μετεωρίτες   

A wallet made from Meteorites

The American company Bejeti sells luxury crafted wallets made from real Meteorites.

The admittedly extremely impressive design men's wallet, codenamed: Planetesimal by the American luxury brand Bejeti has nothing to do with what you have in your pocket or bag. And that's because it's made from real meteorites and in the company's official e-shop its price is 29,500 dollars.

It is truly beautiful and, alas, every time you gaze upon it, you travel with the power of your mind through thousands of years of planetary evolution.

This particular wallet, of course, is simply the most eye-catching of the six designs recently launched by the brand, all the result of the craftsmanship and discerning eye that characterizes it.

If you are interested in buying it, however, you should know that there are only 8 pieces of it available, so you should probably hurry.

The brand founded by industrial designer Eduardo Sande has other impressive wallets at more affordable prices, such as the Endurvinna, which is made from recycled plastic waste from the ocean.

Another alternative is the Hephaestus, which is made of Damascus steel.

None of the company's wallets are exactly to one another, and to ensure the piece that reaches your hands is indeed authentic, a unique ID is placed on each.

Bejeti wallets are aimed at those who appreciate the rarity, luxury and sustainability of the items they own. And this, in our eyes, makes them look more like works of art than utilitarian objects, even though they are at the meeting point of these two categories.

Without actually getting our hands on them, although we'd really like to, we have some doubts about how practical a meteorite wallet can be. It's definitely not something to forget in the back pocket of your jeans.

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