When Pablo Picasso created Cubism, he built form from simplicity, dimension from color. There was nothing that revolutionized and impacted art in the 20th century with such influence. It’s as though paintings were “engineered” to be expressions of individuality, through the eyes of a futurist. Untamable. Risky. Perfect in context and view.

Fast-forward to modern day and the boutique brand Bejeti is elegantly and methodically combining fashion with art and engineering.

Bejeti, (properly pronounced: ‘bee jé tee’), is an ultra-luxe, obsessively designed gender-fluid accessory brand in the USA, which has introduced a premiere line of bespoke wallets hand-crafted from extraordinary materials.

Bejeti wallets are a combination of rare celestial elements, sustainably repurposed materials, and precious metals forged by the hands of expert craftsmen.

The resulting masterpieces bring art, fashion and function to an everyday accessory. The only wallet of its kind, each piece features a sophisticatedly restrained design with an artistic lean towards cubism and futurism— ensuring no two wallets are the same.

With Bejeti, the will of the artist lives in each piece through artful materials performing with an expectation that they will never be flawed by time.

Bejeti wants us to view art, feel art, and use art every day. At the core of Bejeti is their passion to give individuals the pleasure of experiencing the Universe’s most extraordinary materials every day.

The keystone wallet within Bejeti’s artisanal repertoire is THE ARTIFICER. This piece uses hand-forged Robert Eggerling Mosaic Damascus steel as its canvas; a unique blend of carbon steels and nickel that is coveted by high-end manufacturers around the world for its design, individuality and genius artistry.  Like many other gifted artists, Robert Eggerling not only see patterns and evolves new techniques that most blacksmiths can’t begin to conceive, but he also has the rare ability to quilt together steels with a painter’s touch.

These highly bespoke steel billets shatter the divide between metallurgy and artistry. The resulting wallet is as unique and rare as it is artful and captivating to hold in hand. 

While art and fashion are constantly evolving, wallets have remained relatively constant. That is until the team at Bejeti decided it was time for a change, and invented a new market of ultra-luxury wallets.

Aside from Mosaic Damascus, Bejeti also offers wallets made from traditional Damascus steel, as well as Titanium Damascus – the material by which Bejeti’s number22 wallet is made from.

Each wave, divergence, and contour in the number22 wallet represents a singular hammer blow from a metal smith with extraordinary skill in layering, shaping and creating design using varying alloys of the transition metal. The elevated thermal temperatures needed to manipulate such patterns, along with the high yield-strength of the metal, are just some of the characteristics that make this wallet a true homage to the achievement of artisanal craftsmen.

Creating with these Damascus materials is an exorbitant amount of work, but the results are stunning.

The organic connection between the material and those few who engage with it is nearly divine.

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