FEATURED IN: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

FEATURED IN: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Meet Earth's First & Only Meteorite Wallet 


Accessories can make or break any well put-together look, as well as helping to create a carefully crafted image of style and sophistication - and whipping out your wallet to pay the bill in that expensive Michelin-starred restaurant is an opportunity to flex your excellent taste. But despite the fact that the items we carry inside our wallets have evolved from paper notes to more credit, debit and ID cards over the years, fine women’s and men’s wallet design and materials have changed very little since the 1950’s, and most of those found in even the highest end designer boutiques and fashion stores do little to stand out from the crowd.

But it’s a fact that is being challenged by USA-based boutique brand Bejeti (pronounced ‘BEE JÉ TEE’), which has dreamed up and brought to market a new breed of ultra-luxury wallets designed for all gender identities that bring something entirely different to the party.

Offering a new take on style and luxury, the brand aims to change the way we experience our wallets for a lifetime, providing individuals with a portal through which to experience the Universe’s most extraordinary materials, daily. The current collection includes a wallet made from some rather highly sought-after meteorite. Yes, you read that correctly: a wallet made of outer space meteorite - so if you’re looking for something different that is certain to catch people’s attention for all the right reasons, then look no further.

Few materials could be more luxurious and otherwise intangible than meteorite, yet Bejeti has found a way to bring it right into your pocket, taking uniquely large pieces of meteorite, and precision cutting them, to provide the first and only meteorite wallet ever to grace planet Earth.

After travelling through unspeakable fires and light years of space, few would imagine that a meteorite fragment could be crafted into a timeless, functional work of art by this boutique - yet here it is - and it’s thanks to this innovative, outside-of-the-box thinking that Bejeti is quickly becoming a highly sought-after name amongst luxury lovers and affluent fashion enthusiasts alike.

“Holding a meteorite in your hand humbles the soul. It allows you to instantly embrace the vastness of our universe,” says Eduardo Sande, Founder of Bejeti.

Iron-nickel meteorites are thought to be samples of metallic cores, and molten pools that formed in diverse planetary bodies. Meteoritic studies estimate only about five percent of all meteorites which land on Earth are comprised of this iron-nickel, while the majority are stony in nature. So, when a Bejeti wallet is described as the rarest and most “otherworldly” wallet on Earth, the brand’s PLANETESIMAL wallet is quite literally just that.

“What began as molten remnants of planetary cores is now a wallet. That thought is well worth a pause,” says Mr. Sande - and we couldn’t agree more.

So, what exactly do we know about the meteorite from which Bejeti’s masterful new wallet model is made - and how did it go from hurtling through space, to carrying our credit cards and cash in our pockets?

Well, radiometric dating places the age of crystallization of the iron-nickel metal at four to 4.5 billion years, materializing during the early formation of our solar system. During its voyage through the vacuums of dark space, scientists calculate it took the main metal fragment 1,000 years to cool down by just one degree Celsius.

Most iron meteorites have unique crystalline structures known as "Widmanstätten" patterns, named after the Austrian Count Alois von Beckh Widmanstätten, who discovered them in 1808. The beautiful crystalline pattern characteristic of iron meteorites is comprised of more than just beautiful oddities, and tells us a great deal about the meteorites’ compositions, as well as how long it took for the planetary core from which the meteorite is derived to cool. In general, the larger the crystals, the longer it took for the molten metal to reduce in temperature on its voyage towards Earth.

After more than four billion years of travel, this meteorite hurtled to Earth, becoming a molten fireball as it penetrated the atmosphere before striking our planet’s surface between 4,000 and 6,000 years ago.

“Voids” in the material itself can be discerned, while oxidation of high-iron content areas yield a glimpse of the meteor’s age. Billions of years’ travel through time and space have now been perfected into an ultimate achievement of science, engineering, and artful design by Bejeti - and the result is something very special indeed.

For obvious reasons, the Meteorite wallet is limited to only a handful annually - and the fact that they are so rare makes them all the more highly sought-after, and an exclusive accessory that you’re unlikely to see anyone else pulling from their pocket.

There’s no denying that this unique choice of material is something that sets Bejeti apart from the competition, but it isn’t the only thing that does. The brand also utilizes a multilayered counterfeit verification system to reassure clients that their meticulously crafted wallet is authentic and remains unique. Each component within the wallet is engraved with a one-off 12-character ID sequence, derived from over 95 Quadrillion combinations, so no two will ever be duplicated.

All Bejeti pieces utilize uncompromising processing techniques developed by highly-skilled artisans in order to maximize their natural beauty by extracting distinctively different patterns from each and every piece.  The result? Bespoke, heirloom wallets that are just as visually striking as they are effortless to use - and that everyone is talking about in the fashion world.

Generational by design, each wallet is crafted to be timeless works of art, and is a celebration of those who appreciate and crave rarity, who seek-out hand-crafted pieces of art and indulge themselves in fine design, giving individuals who choose to carry a Bejeti wallet the pleasure of experiencing the Universe’s most extraordinary materials every day.

The prices of the wallets, of course, reflect the rarity of the substrates and the painstaking craft hours invested into each piece. Bejeti wallets are currently sold exclusively through their online boutique store with free worldwide shipping.

Discover them at Bejeti.com, and witness how this bespoke brand is redefining the luxury accessory sector.


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