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When a meteor has been hurdling through space for millions of years, destined to land on Earth at any given moment, the majority of the 7.75 billion people on our planet are often unaware. Likewise, our vision and artisanal take on an everyday essential has been years in the making only to unexpectedly present itself to you. While some have yet to discover the beauty of Bejeti, we are about to make our impact on the world.

Our hand-crafted wallets are meant for a functional purpose, but are also intended to be admired for their rare materials and artful patterns. The accessory that travels everywhere we go should fit seamlessly into our plans, whilst allowing us to enjoy it just as we would couture fashion or a luxury vehicle. And if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the very first wallets on Earth made from meteorite, (one of eight), it may even prompt you to contemplate your place in the universe.

Bejeti wallets were meticulously designed to provide its owners with an experience to match its beauty. Engineered to capture a minimalist design, our signature thumb relief allows for easy access to your belongings. A wallet from any of our Collections fit into pockets and bags with ease, and come with an option for a money clip if you prefer.

As each Bejeti wallet is unique, we envision all of our customers will use this bit of Essential Perfection for their individual lifestyle.

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