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The Death of a Star Births Pure Luxury 

Bejeti, a new ultra-luxe, obsessively designed, unisex accessory brand introduces its premiere line of one-of-a-kind wallets. Bejeti wallets are a combination of sustainably repurposed materials, precious metals, and rare celestial elements forged by the hands of expert craftsmen. The resulting masterpieces bring form, fashion and function to an everyday accessory. The only wallet of its kind, each piece features a sophisticatedly restrained design with an artistic lean towards cubism and futurism— ensuring no two wallets are the same. After completing an invitation-only pre-sale launch in Fall of 2021, Bejeti’s inaugural series (including CELESTIAL, ELEMENTAL AND ECOLOGICAL lines) is now available to trendsetters around the globe.

While art and fashion are constantly evolving, wallets have remained relatively unchanged. That is until the mastermind behind Bejeti, Eduardo Sande, decided it was time for a change, and invented a new market of ultra-luxury wallets. “We believe people are as unique as their fingerprint and our wallets are designed to showcase that type of individuality and expression,” says Eduardo Sande, CEO and founder of Bejeti. 

Meteorite has become an increasingly sought-after material amongst luxury fashion designers. Now, Bejeti is pioneering its use in the luxury wallet industry. The meteorite wallet is exclusive to the PLANETESIMAL series, and is currently limited to eight wallets.  For fans of rare metals like Damascus steel, Titanium Damascus and hand-forged Mosaic Damascus steel, there are the HEPHAESTUS, the number22 and ARTIFICER models. For the planet-conscientious luxury connoisseurs, the CASPIAN and ENDURVINA offer chic crafted pieces reborn from oceans polluted with polystyrene plastics, instantaneously reinventing pollution into timeless works of art.

“As a first-generation Uruguayan immigrant, I grew up in a family who worked with their hands to build, craft and bend materials to our will. Bejeti wallets are a culmination of my love for both art and engineering and my insatiable desire for entrepreneurship. We know there are people who relish rarity, ingenuity, luxury and sustainability and our wallets bring all of these together to truly commemorate personal achievement through design and stature,” says Sande. 

Every collection of Bejeti luxury wallets features a money clip, durable silicone bands and a signature triangular notch for ease of card access. They also include a multi-layered counterfeit prevention system and certificate of authentication. Each masterpiece is imbued with the striking characteristics of the materials it was crafted from, creating a singular artistic experience worthy of all who carry it. 

“Sneakers, watches, even cars have become collectable pieces of art, and Bejeti wallets are no different,” said Sande. “I wanted to bring that same spirit of invention and creativity forward, and challenge the idea that personal accessories are confined to traditional materials like animal hides. Bejeti gives people the chance to carry their own piece of art with them, wherever they go.”

Bejeti wallets are sold exclusively online with free worldwide shipping.


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