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What gift can you give to someone who literally has everything? The wealthier you get, the more time and freedom you have to pursue your true passions and hobbies, whether that means sourcing the rarest of whiskey, watches or going on unimaginable travel experiences. 

When it comes to choosing a gift for a Billionaire, it’s essential to think outside the box. Here are some Billionaire gift ideas to get your memory jogging.


Created for those who anticipates more from every aspect of their life, Bejeti offers the highest quality and most sophisticated minimalist wallets available on the market today. Having unlocked the ancient secrets of a lifeless fragment of iron-nickel alloy, formed it and gave it breath. The result is literally an out-of-this-world creation: the world’s first meteorite wallets.

Handcrafted entirely in the USA, no two are exactly alike. Created from meteorite fragments that date back to at least 4 billion years. Bejeti can be the perfect gift for the billionaire in your life. Holding meteorite in your hand can humble the soul. You instantly embrace the vastness of our universe. Iron meteorites are thought to be samples of metallic cores, and molten pools that formed in diverse planetary bodies. What began as molten remnants of planetary cores is now a wallet. That thought is well worth a pause. There are 6 models to select from, each weighing 176g, including the original – and unique – Planetesimal.

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