Earth's First and only Meteorite Wallet

Our most fundamental accessory has had little change for nearly a century, even while art and fashion are constantly on the move. Worth pondering for a moment; fine women’s and men’s wallet design and materials have changed very little since the 1950s, even though the contents we carry within them have evolved from paper notes to more credit and debit cards.

This is being challenged by the USA-based boutique brand Bejeti (PRONOUNCED ‘BEE JÉ TEE’) , who has conceived a new market of ultra-luxury gender-fluid wallets. We believe they will change the way you experience your wallet – for a lifetime.

Simply put, Bejeti wallets are the highest quality and most sophisticated minimalist wallets available on the market today; an alchemic triumph of precision engineering and futuristic design.

With three main collection categories including; Celestial, Elemental, and Ecological, Bejeti wallets are constructed in the USA with the most exceptional and sustainable materials in the Universe. Their current models include wallets made from meteorite, titanium and mosaic Damascus, and an ecological line using polystyrene plastic harvested from Earth’s waterways.



What could be more luxurious and otherwise intangible than meteorite? This boutique is taking uniquely large pieces of meteorite, precision cutting it, and providing Earth with the first and only meteorite wallet.

Radiometric dating places the age of their iron-nickel meteorite at 4 – 4.5 billion years. During its voyage through the vacuums of dark space, scientists calculate it took the main metal fragment 1,000 years to cool down just 1oc and creating its signature pattern.

Meteoritic studies estimate only about five percent of all meteorites which land on Earth are comprised of this ironnickel, while the majority are stony in nature. When a Bejeti is described as the rarest and most “otherworldly” wallet on Earth, their meteorite PLANETESIMAL wallet literally is.

Within their Elemental collection they boast THE ARTIFICER wallet, a mesmerizing beauty whose complexity is difficult to put into words. These wallets are made from hand-forged Robert Eggerling Mosaic Damascus steel; a unique blend of carbon steels and nickel that is coveted by high-end manufacturers around the world for its design, individuality and artistry. Each quadrant is individually hand-forged before being heat-welded into this masterful work of art.

Further pushing those material boundaries, Bejeti number22 wallets use Titanium Damascus as their substrate; a complex material to hand forge due to its chemical composition. The results yield an exceptional pattern with this transition element.

Bejeti also offers pieces made from bespoke, small-heat Damascus steel, which include the HEPHAESTUS and VULCÁN models. The patterns within these wallets come from various metal alloys forged by hand with the grace of an expert metalsmith. The diversity within metal layers makes these wallets so striking. The etching Bejeti then applies reveals a textured surface that looks and feels unlike any other wallet on Earth.

Within their Ecological collection, they are achieving their part to reduce the human-created plastic crisis by removing polystyrene plastic from landfills and marine ecosystems and reusing it as a chic, modern material in captivating fashion. Their CASPIAN and ENDURVINNA models resemble more precious stone surfaces than the spools and other single-use plastics they are derived from.

Additionally, Bejeti utilizes a multilayered counterfeit verification system so clients are reassured their meticulously crafted piece is authentic and remains individualized. Each component within the wallet is engraved with a unique 12-character ID sequence, derived from over 95 Quadrillion combinations so no two will ever duplicate.

All Bejeti pieces utilize uncompromising processing techniques developed by highly-skilled artisans in order to maximize their natural beauty by extracting distinctively different patterns from each and every piece. Their technique yields bespoke, heirloom wallets that are just as visually striking as they are effortless to use. Generational by design, these wallets are crafted to be timeless works of art.

Bejeti wallets celebrate those who appreciate and crave rarity, those who seek-out hand-crafted pieces of art and indulge themselves in fine design. They were created to give individuals the pleasure of experiencing the Universe’s most extraordinary materials every day.

Bejeti wallets are currently sold exclusively through their online boutique store with free worldwide shipping. Discover them at Bejeti.com and witness how this bespoke brand is redefining the luxury accessory sector.

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