Astonished; the reaction we all seek when choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift. That’s why selecting a piece for that special someone that is precious and meaningful is so important.

That exceptional person deserves a quality slim wallet to store their essential cards and ID, and one that will fit discreetly in the pocket or clutch without causing an unsightly bulge. But the perfect luxury wallet shouldn’t be all but invisible – in fact, it should make an impression each time it is pulled out to pay for dinner or designer shoes.

Bejeti’s show-stopping number22 wallet is just the ticket, and is quite unlike any you will have ever seen or heard of before. The Bejeti number22 pushes the limits of what humanity can achieve with ingenuity and persistence. Its name is derived from the atomic number of the material of which it is comprised: Titanium. The metal is commonly created when white dwarf stars explode as type Ia supernovae after gorging on a companion star. Pure to its core, this wallet’s creation is far from elemental.

Bejeti’s unique heirloom wallets are crafted to be timeless works of functional art that can be passed down through the generations; their beauty is in their elegant design and complex patterning. Each piece is individually machined, hand polished, and hand assembled, all in small batches and in some cases limited to only five to seven total pieces, so you can be sure you’re getting one of the most exclusive designer wallets available.  

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