Explore our journey, PJ.

As a connoisseur with a taste for life's exquisite elements, you've long valued opulence.
However, major fashion houses have perpetuated the belief that only thick, folded, animal skins can constitute high-end wallets.
Is that still pinnacle?

The fatigued, antiquated designs we see have not experienced significant change in over a century, even as our own lives have radically transformed.
Apart from our phones and watches, the wallet is the sole accessory we carry daily that has yet to receive a contemporary, extravagant overhaul.
Bejeti wallets propose a bespoke departure from the traditional leather narrative. With our progressive design and exceptionally unique materials, owners take pride in possessing one.

The truth is fashion houses use your most essential accessory as an entry product line, and have neglected the wallet, even as other areas of high fashion have seen massive change.

Nobody has challenged the status quo, so the monotonous designs have continued on....


Behold, the Bejeti Wallet:

a bespoke, one-of-one piece unlike anything in the fashion market today.
Designed to be an heirloom, Bejeti is on a mission to destroy the status quo.
We are on a journey to change all of the boring associated with wallets, breathe life into the accessory, and show the world what is possible through the intersection of art + engineering.

We have taken billion-year-old materials from outer space, hand forging processes from ancient times, new-aged machining techniques that push the limits of perfection, and combined them to make the world’s most extraordinary wallets.

Was it easy?


Did it require our Founder with a Chemical Engineering degree to bring all of the artistry, components, engineering, and elegance together?


What is the result?


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We knew

better, more exotic materials could be used for a wallet. So we engineered ones that beautifully showcase these striking substrates.
At Bejeti, our vision is to give our clients the pleasure to experience the Universe’s most extraordinary materials every day. We just happen to achieve that with our bespoke wallets.


The world’s rarest, most exclusive, heirloom-worthy wallets ever created.

We took Damascus steel forging methods from 300 AD and combined them with modern-day precision machining techniques. The result is a wallet that makes clients feel like the Kings and Queens that once ruled their kingdoms with powerful swords made from this extraordinary material.

But we didn’t stop there.
We looked to the universe and became the first and only brand on planet Earth to make a wallet out of Meteorite.

Wallets made from Meteorite?


From the heavens, we then turned our attention to Earth’s waterways, using ocean-recovered plastics in our Ecological line.


Because we believe in
making an

And we are just getting started.

The Bejeti minimalist wallet is all about the experience you have with these materials, all while being a highly functional and practical daily accessory.

Why did we decide to embark on this journey?

Because we believe these beautiful materials should be experienced in your hand every day. We believe our clients deserve the opportunity to experience in discreet indulgences. We believe being able to authenticate an heirloom-worthy wallet is a requirement. We believe there is a better way to craft a wallet. We believe wallets should NOT be produced for the masses. And we believe a Bejeti minimalist wallet achieves all of this for YOU.

But it’s not just us who see the vision.

In three short years since embarking on this journey we have made impressions:

A few Publications that have featured Bejeti

“Bejeti (USA) demonstrates creativity beyond words when launching a wallet named Planetesimal, arriving from heaven.  The world's first meteorite wallet. The rarest wallet on Earth” - Robb Report
“Literally an “out of this world” wallet....”  - CNN
“When it comes to choosing a gift for a billionaire, it’s essential to think outside the box. That’s exactly what Bejeti has done with its exclusive collection of ultra-luxe wallets.” elite traveler
The undeniably cool and impossible-to-replicate craftsmanship inherent in each Bejeti wallet makes each item an offering that goes above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a leather wallet, and that’s an understatement.” – MAXIM
“Along with providing an ultra-luxury collection of otherworldly wallets, Bejeti operates under the mantra of originality, sustainability, ingenuity, and integrity.” - duPont Registry

The intersection of Art and Engineering is Bejeti.

Explore our limited collection now

Bejeti wallet prices range from $850 to $29,500,
reflecting their artistry, engineering, material rarity, and limited quantities.

Now it’s your opportunity to embrace the vision of fashion accessories

PJ, we would love to hear your take on our vision.